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Kavanaugh....protested way too Much!

WOW….the hearing yesterday with Dr Ford and Brett Kavanaugh…... how many of us both watched and listened on any available device…She was convincingly transparent as she recollected the events of that day; and He scared me with his flushed faced anger, heated accusations, and defensive lies. It was interesting that he continued to state he “would welcome whatever the committee wanted” yet when pressed he refused to agree to an FBI investigation..... Hey the man “doth protest too much me think!” The Supreme Court is the Highest Court in the land, and in my opinion placing him on it will taint the System; in addition, I believe the hearing has tainted the selection process for Justices. You had Graham yelling across the room in full tantrum mode, Grassley’s argumentative and clear indifference towards how he is perceived by the public combined with Kavanaugh’s wounded statements where he denied, denied, denied and his outburst of “this is a calculated, orchestrated political hit!” Why the rush to confirm this guy…..Hey I get they want a conservative judge, no probs, but Pick one that doesn’t have a credibility problem, nor is so partisan and extreme in his conspiracy thinking. Let’s do some visual imagery….okay he is placed on the Highest Court in the Land, and a case comes before him to be presided over, that has the underlying charge of rape, do you really see him being impartial…..Things to make you go hmmm…..

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