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After Mueller, what's Next..

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The spin continues, as they try feverishly to convince the public that the tweets we were plagued with over the past couple years as well as the many lies and violations of the constitution, were figments of our imagination.

30 years ago as a newly minted immigrant with dreams of success, it NEVER occurred to me that race relations in America would sink to it's current level. That the undocumented immigrant would reside here with an overhanging sense of fear...that the "Shining City upon a hill" as emphasized by Ronald Reagan in his farewell speech, "whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere" would close its doors to one of its most valuable assets….people.

Now it's up to the Dems and some patriotic Repubs that put country 1st to Step up, follow the road map from Meuller, and Do the Right Thing in a timely manner, before statue of limitations run out.

Our Children, grand children and the climate deserve the wrongs from the past two plus years to be made right.

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