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Add OUR Magazine to Your Daily Diet

Why check out our magazine….Simple, it’s a one stop read for everything that will interest and stimulate your appetite. Let’s see….our Entertainment features, brings you some of the best names in the business, as well as those that are on the Rise, and the interview questions are not your regular run of the mill….. No we ask questions that show another side of our International artistes. Currently Immigration is a Hot Topic, and you know the answer WHY, this country was built on Immigrants, most of us came here by boat or plane, and to a somewhat smaller percentage by birth, so our contributing attorneys bring you info that is pertinent to you, your family and/or friends.

Health and Wellness, I struggle on a daily basis to EAT RIGHT, but what can I say… it’s a work in progress. Know that we are right here with you on this journey, while simultaneously bringing you Recipes, that take you step by step to a Yummy meal or snack. Our Youth is our future, and our promise is to present at least one young adult in each Issue, because it is our duty to not just raise them, but praise and guide them.

Real Estate continues to trend, and we give you some pertinent tips to guide you through your journey as either a Buyer or a Seller. Raw Flower is a talented artist that uses calligraphy as part of her art-form which is an inspiration to many that view it. Other good reads are A Writer’s Opinion, Featured Woman/Man, Kallaloo 4 De Soul that speaks to the inner us, and one of MY Favs, Cultural Events, where we showcase events that fall in the quarter prior to publishing a particular Issue. An Upcoming feature to keep your reading eye out for is Sports.

So Read….Enjoy…Tell ah Friend to tell Their Friendsabout iChunes Entertainment Magazine, where Your Reading is Our Pleasure. Also it does not stop there….please check out and for your event needs, and give US a call for your advertising needs, because we are iChunes Entertainment Magazine.

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There's so much to share between issues, we kinda think you wouldn't mind reading snippets at least once a week, about: Up & Coming Artistes Health News Your Finances Current Events And Much MORE

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