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We Party in De Labor

As West Indians, we look at Labor Day completely different to the general American public, we see it as it’s Carnival in New York, then we HAVE tuh get ready for Miami Carnival, the LAST Big Lime before the Mecca, Trinidad Carnival. Who can blame us…..we are people who are heavily entrenched in our Culture, and we make no apologies for that, and why should we…. The basic definition of Culture is “the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.” So Okay, we have we own dialect and ah eh trying tuh mamaguy yuh, we love callaloo, macaroni pie, anchar and pholourie just fuh starters, we call it liming, everything is ah fete and we Love we Carnival. So we done Jam on de Parkway, now we getting ready to touch down in Miami, so when yuh Miss meh, I’ll be there, I’ll be there, yes I’ll be THERE!!!!!!! 

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