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This is Miami Carnival weekend, and all cultural patriots and fetters from every Caribbean country is heading down South, via plane or I95. Miami Carnival is fast becoming the largest North American Carnival, fast taking the reins from Brooklyn's Labor Day Caribbean Carnival, which is reported to have been decreasing in stature over the past couple years. As a born and bred Trinidadian residing in the U.S. for 30 years, I have been honored to be part of the Diaspora that has and continues to bring our collective Caribbean culture to the world stage and yes I too, have headed down South to absorb myself in the culture that is, Carnival. 

Last evening it was a definite pleasure to see costumes 'cross the stage', as the masquerades danced to the beat of their chosen songs that would aptly assist in their various portrayals.  We listened to the musical selections of seven steel orchestras as they executed their preferred choice of 'soca' music, with Lauderhill Steel taking 1st place, and Orlando's New Generation Branches placing 2nd.  

The Panorama competition honored the memory of pan melodic genius, Ken "Professor" Philmore, who passed on September 30th, and the entire evening's presentation honored the Caribbean culture. Now it's on to the massive fetes, and the culmination of the week's festivities Sunday 'on de road' with all the mas bands, steelpan bands, and massive crowds. It is Miami Carnival!!!! 

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